Have you suffered any of the following problems?

  • Long time taken to complete each operation.
  • Too many picking mistakes.
  • Too many operators/operation in a limited space
  • Over-dependence on experienced operators.
  • Different part-time workers often handling the operation
  • Difficulty in dealing with stock.
  • Customers demanding greater accuracy.
  • Difficulty in stock-taking

Then Pick-to-light will help to solve these problems but,


The Pick-to-Light system is also called Digital Picking System.

Digital picking refers to a picking assistance system that uses digital picking displays. Workers at a factory or distribution center walk to the locations of illuminating digital picking displays and take out items by the displayed quantities. Items can be picked accurately and quickly according to the instructions given by the digital picking displays.

The Digital Picking System can improve the efficiency of your operation

  • Faster picking operation: 30% – 50% of previous operation time
  • Less workers: 30% – 50% of previous number of operators needed
  • Easier operation: easily operated by part-time or inexperienced workers
  • Paperless documents: no slips required
  • Less picking operation mistakes: 0.01-0.03% picking operation error rate
  • Easy stock-taking operation and replenishment operation


Pick-to-light can be applied in many industries and scenarios

TTP has experienced design and implement many projects related to pick-to-light over 10 years