VIMF (known as Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Fair) is an international industry exhibition specializing in machinery, equipment, tools, materials, engineering technology applied to the manufacturing, mechanical,…

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VIMF is a playground connecting businesses

VIMF was organized with the mission to help businesses in the industry gain new insights into innovative strategies, tools and trends in fields such as machine tools, metalworking, measuring tools, printing 3D design, production software, etc. At the same time, through the exhibition, businesses are encouraged to invest in developing automation technology, applying the industrial revolution 4.0 to save costs and increase productivity operating capacity.

The main audience of the exhibition comes from industrial parks, factories, contractors, solution houses, etc., so VIMF is truly a playground to help businesses easily meet and interact with experts. partners in the same field.

Thuan Thien Phat is very honored to have the opportunity to share technology and solutions for you. We hope that our partners and customers will have more useful and valuable information through the VIMF exhibition.

Thank you to the VIMF exhibition organizers for creating conditions for our businesses to connect with each other and congratulate the success of VIMF 2023.