What is Pick-to-light?

DPS (Digital Picking System), also known as Pick-To-Light, is a system that combines a computer and Light Modules to support the picking/picking process in all warehouses/factories. Staff just need to move to the place where the Modules are lit/flashing and pick the correct number shown. This simplifies the steps in the process and makes it easy for any employee, new or old, to do it quickly, easily and efficiently.

Take a look at Pick-To-Light structure


The highlight of Pick-To-Light system is that ability to integrate with WMS/ ERP/… of customer. This make manager easily control warehouse operation and stock in real-time.

How it work?

  1. WMS will send info of order/ picking list to Pick-To-Light software installed in PC.
  2. Then Pick to light software will connect ID of module light, corresponding with location, ID, quantity of SKU in picking list 
  3. When operator start picking process, operator just scan barcode of order/ picking list then all module lights need to pick will light up.
  4. After press confirm button to finish pick SKU process, stock data will update real-time from pick to light software to customer’s WMS/ ERP/….

What are the advantages that pick to light bring to your business?

Most warehouses as well as factories in Vietnam still use Handy terminal (handheld), many places still use list picking. The above methods still worked relatively effectively in the past, but with the strong development flow of automation and the demand for faster import and export progress than ever (especially with new industries such as E-Commerce), depending on old ways of doing things leads to many disadvantages as follows:


It can easily lead to a shortage of human resources during the pandemic or when the demand is high during holidays and Tet.

Takes time to train to use and get used to

Takes time to charge the battery

Risk of losing or losing devices

Scan, read wrong position, product type. Skip line, skip step (in factory).

In order to overcome the above problems, the advantages of Pick-To-Light are:

Easy to use, get used to immediately

Double the working time, double the order processing time

Reduce labor costs

Flexibility in re-location

More than 10 times less likely to make mistakes

Pick-To-Light are now applied in many industries and make warehouse management easy than ever. This solution help customer business boost efficiency.

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VIMF (known as Vietnam Industrial and Manufacturing Fair) is an international industry exhibition specializing in machinery, equipment, tools, materials, engineering technology applied to the manufacturing, mechanical,…

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VIMF is a playground connecting businesses

VIMF was organized with the mission to help businesses in the industry gain new insights into innovative strategies, tools and trends in fields such as machine tools, metalworking, measuring tools, printing 3D design, production software, etc. At the same time, through the exhibition, businesses are encouraged to invest in developing automation technology, applying the industrial revolution 4.0 to save costs and increase productivity operating capacity.

The main audience of the exhibition comes from industrial parks, factories, contractors, solution houses, etc., so VIMF is truly a playground to help businesses easily meet and interact with experts. partners in the same field.

Thuan Thien Phat is very honored to have the opportunity to share technology and solutions for you. We hope that our partners and customers will have more useful and valuable information through the VIMF exhibition.

Thank you to the VIMF exhibition organizers for creating conditions for our businesses to connect with each other and congratulate the success of VIMF 2023.